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Episode 01
Episode 1.png
Japanese Title 人形少女・ミーツ・コックリさん!
Romanized Title Ningyō shōjo mītsu kokkuri-san!
English Title Doll Girl Meets Kokkuri-san!
Airdate Oct 6, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Welcome!! DISCO Kemo Kemo Ke
Ending This Merry-Go-Round Song
Next Episode Episode 02

Doll Girl Meets Kokkuri-san! (人形少女・ミーツ・コックリさん! Ningyō Shōjo Mītsu Kokkuri-san!) is the first episode of the Gugure! Kokkuri-san anime adaption.


Kohina Ichimatsu summons Kokkuri-san, a low-ranking ghost in Japanese folklore. At first he had intended to merely haunt her, but soon he becomes worried about her terrible eating habit of cup ramen for every meal. They stayed with each other for quite a while, but when Kokkuri-san started to throw away Kohina's cup ramen, she got mad. Afterwards, Kokkuri-san left her house and didn't showed up until one day when Kohina started to cry because she felt lonely without Kokkuri-san. But it seems like he ran away to buy all of Kohina's cup ramen back and he thought that while he was away he should teach Kohina a lesson about how important Kokkuri-san is, so she wouldn't tell him to leave again.