Haunting 10
Episode 10
Japanese Title 紅葉待ちぼうけの日々!
Romanized Title Kureha Machibōke no Hibi!
English Title Kureha's Days Spent Waiting in Vain!
Airdate Dec 7, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Welcome!! DISCO Kemo Kemo Ke by Kokkuri-san Narration by Inugami and Shigaraki
Ending This Merry-Go-Round Song by Atsushi Suemitsu
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Kokkuri and Kohina meet a strange woman named Kureha waiting under a mysterious red maple tree. To find out more information on the man she is waiting for, the gang visit the mountain god Tengu, who informs them that Kureha is a ghost who died waiting for a man who will never come and is bound to the tree. Wanting to help Kureha pass on to the afterlife, Kokkuri looks up his spirit, learning he was actually reborn as the maple tree the entire time.