Haunting 8
Episode 8
Japanese Title コックリさんの湯けむり秘湯めぐり!
Romanized Title Kokkuri-san no yukemuri hitōmeguri!
English Title Kokkuri-san's Steamy Secret Hot Spring Tour
Airdate Nov 24, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Welcome!! DISCO Kemo Kemo Ke by Kokkuri-san Narration by Inugami and Shigaraki
Ending This Merry-Go-Round Song (Piano Version) by Atsushi Suemitsu
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Kokkuri-san is still cursed in his women form, but Kohina found a scroll that was supposed to tell him how he could get back to his orginal form. Although it said there was no way to turn back again. A couple days later Shigaraki invites everybody on a hot spring tour and there's rumored to be a hot spring that counteracts curses in that resort town.