Gugure! Kokkuri-san Wiki
Biographical Information
Kanji 狗神
Also Known as Inugami-san (by Kohina Ichimatsu)
Inugami-kun (as a student)
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male/Female
Race Inugami (Dog Spirit)
Anime Episode 1
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 2
Voice Actors
Japanese Takahiro Sakurai (Male)
Chiwa Saitō (Female)

Inugami is one of the main characters of Gugure! Kokkuri-san series. He is the second ghost who started haunting Kohina Ichimatsu who was picked up by Kohina when he was still alive. He knows everything about Kohina from the things she likes and dislikes, weight and height etc. He dislikes Kokkuri-san as he thinks that Kokkuri-san is trying to interfere with Inugami's and Kohina's relationship.  


Inugami has neck-length jet black hair that covers his left eye and red eyes. In his male and female form, he wears a black suit, a black tie, a white button up shirt, a red armband on his left arm with the kanji "狗" (which means "dog") on it and black sock and black shoes. In his spirit form, he takes on the form of a mouse doll, which is said to be popular among young girls and to gain more of Kohina Ichimatsu's affection. He also carries a pair of guns with him.

Inugami can be seen in his female form in these episodes:


Inugami is a masochist and a pervert as he gets excited or have nosebleeds whenever he thinks of Kohina Ichimatsu hating him or punishing him. He dislikes everyone including himself, except Kohina and the only person he hates the most is Kokkuri-san as Inugami has a book filled with reasons why he hates Kokkuri-san. Inugami criticizes everything he does and they often fight with one another over Kohina and her affections. Despite that, he does like having quiet time to himself like having coffee.

Inugami really adores Kohina due to the fact that Kohina was the only person to acknowledge Inugami when he was still a real dog as everyone just ignored him.


"Wagakimi" ("My darling" or "My girlfriend") - Inugami's catchphrase to Kohina Ichimatsu


  • The name Inugami means "dog god/spirit" (狗神).
  • Inugami's ears and tail only appear whenever he is in his female form (In Episode 8, only Inugami's ear appeared and not his tail).
  • Inugami's catchphrase "Wagakimi" could possibly mean "my lord", "my darling" or "my girlfriend".
  • Since Inugami never knew what his real gender was when he became a spirit, he can switch between being a Male or Female and his mindset can be of either gender. In others words, he can have the mind of a woman whenever he is in his female form like:
    • Taking baths with other females
    • Dressing up as a female
  • When Inugami was still alive, it is unknown how Inugami died or what the cause of his death was.