Biographical Information
Kanji じめ子
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Anime Episode 4
Manga Volume 3 Chapter 20
Voice Actors
Japanese Hisako Kanemoto

Jimeko (じめ子?) is a character in the manga and anime series Gugure! Kokkuri-san. "Jimeko" is not her actual name, but a nickname given to her by Kohina due to her not remembering her original one, despite them sitting next to each other for a year. This nickname is originated from the fact she constantly bullies Kohina (いじめ ijime) and the suffix "-Ko" (子, lit. kid), a common suffix to female Japanese names.

She initially tried to bully Kohina, but it is later revealed that she wants to be her friend but cannot express it due to her "shy tsundere" personality, and also Kohina's aloof attitude.


Jimeko has long, light orange-brown hair, which extends until the lower half of her back, and has small ponytails on the sides of her head fastened by red hair bobbles. Her fringe covers up most of her forehead and part of her face, and also partially covers her ears. She also has blue eyes.

Like Kohina, she is usually seen wearing her school uniform.


Jimeko is an extremely shy girl. She wants to make friends, but is unable to, not only because of her shyness, but also because she drives any possible friend she could have away by saying she doesn't want to be friends with them. She bullies Kohina due to being unable to get her attention.


Jimeko is a girl who was transferred to Kohina's school around a year ago. As a transfer student, she had no friends. She tried making friends in her new school, but was unable to due to her "shy tsundere" personality, which drove people away from her.

She decided Kohina would be the last chance to make a friend. She tried to start a conversation by "accidentally" dropping her eraser, but she was unable to get her attention until she threw it at her using it using a slinghsot, which only resulted in her getting beaten up by Kohina. After this, she decided to bully Kohina.

She is usually found stalking Kohina and putting different flowers in vases each day on her desk, as it is a custom to put vases of flowers on the desks of deceased students.