Gugure! Kokkuri-san Wiki
Biographical Information
Kanji タマ
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Race Ghost-cat
Anime Episode 7
Voice Actors
Japanese Yukana

Tama is a cat spirit who is the poster girl for a failing traditional sweets shop and has a creepy obsession with dolls, which in turn leads to a creepy obsession with Kohina Ichimatsu. Tama's store is broke due to her massive collection of broken and haunted dolls which permeate the premises.


Tama is a cute cat spirit with long pink hair that is tied in pigtails, square bangs and green eyes. She is often seen wearing a maid-like apron with a kimono underneath and a scarf that covers her ears. Her appearance doesn't change much between her human form and her spirit form.


Tama is an eccentric spirit who has an obsession with dolls and owns a large collection of creepy Japanese dolls. This also leads to her obsession towards Kohina Ichimatsu who resembles a doll. Tama has also been shown to be quite violent as she fights with Inugami about who gets the ticket on a trip to the hot springs and pins him to the wall by using a knife so that she can tag along to the hot springs as the fourth and final member (Episode 8).